Big Rock Mountain Inc. was established in 2013, focusing on the customers’ need for top quality industrial products and services. Big Rock Mountain has over 15 years of combined  industry experience, offering the best industrial equipment and materials for fields including mining, agriculture, construction, manufacturing, municipal services, recycling and waste, oil and gas, and educational institutions. Our dedicated team is focusing on building the BRM brand through hard work, service, honesty, and reliability. Our mandate is to service our customers quickly and effectively. Most importantly, we strive to help our customers maximize revenue and profits by decreasing operating costs while increasing their productivity.


At Big Rock Mountain, we also supply exceptionally designed and manufactured Canadian and North American goods whenever possible.  These products – whether they are manganese, rollers, stackers or industrial parts –  have proven their sustainability, and capacity to reduce customers’ annual production costs. In 2020, we developed the Big Rock Mountain platform  to allow customers to work directly with manufacturers and suppliers, improving the decision-making process. In addition, all of these products have the ability to compete at price levels set by the global market. With Big Rock Mountain’s supply of locally manufactured products, the Canadian and American industries are greatly benefited. It is also a strong asset for our customers, who receive reduced shipping costs and minimized carbon footprints. We are proud to support local businesses, while also taking part in building a cleaner world. 


We also work with our customers and partners to develop strategies that will decrease overall costs to operations. This means working collaboratively to facilitate new innovative products and designing better processing systems, including custom plant design and software/hardware development. Big Rock Mountain saves you time and money. With our growing lines of products and devices for material handling equipment, we are here to serve you better.

Give us a call, and we will show you how our business philosophy built on quality products at competitive prices, coupled with top-of-the-line customer service, can help you reach your company goals.



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