Summer is the Perfect Time to Plan for Winter and SAVE: Yeti Snow Removal System

Summer is the Perfect Time to Plan for Winter and SAVE: Yeti Snow Removal System

Roger Rutherford

As winter weather conditions in the eastern United States continue to worsen and intensify, businesses must prioritize proactive measures to address snow and ice hazards on their premises. Waiting until the peak of winter to implement safety solutions can be costly and dangerous. One of the most effective ways to combat these hazards is by installing the Yeti System, a comprehensive snow and ice removal solution offered by Big Rock.

Why the Yeti System?

The Yeti System is a turnkey solution designed to provide robust defense against the challenges posed by winter weather. It can be installed on both left and right discharge setups, making it versatile for various facility configurations. Whether your business operates on a new concrete pad or an existing asphalt surface, the Yeti System can be seamlessly integrated to enhance safety and operational efficiency.

Key Benefits of the Yeti System:

  • Quick Installation: The installation process requires about a week, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations. Planning ahead and installing the system before winter hits full force is crucial for optimal results.
  • High Traffic Suitability: For businesses that see a high volume of traffic, such as those with 100 trucks a week or more, the Yeti System offers significant benefits. With 3 to 5 snowfalls expected throughout the season, the system ensures smooth and safe operations.
  • Rapid ROI: The investment in the Yeti System can yield a quick return on investment (ROI) in less than 24 months, making it a financially sound decision for businesses.

Financial Flexibility

Understanding the financial implications of such investments, Big Rock offers financing options to make the Yeti System more accessible. Favorable financing terms help businesses manage costs while enhancing their safety measures. This financial flexibility allows companies to invest in their infrastructure without straining their budgets.

Comprehensive Coverage

Big Rock provides its services across the greater eastern United States and all of Canada, ensuring that businesses in these regions can benefit from their expertise and solutions. By choosing the Yeti System, companies can significantly mitigate the risks associated with winter weather, ensuring the safety of their operations and protecting their reputation from the potential fallout of snow and ice-related incidents.

Why Act Now?

The importance of taking proactive steps cannot be overstated. As winter weather becomes more severe, the potential for accidents and liabilities increases. By installing the Yeti System before winter peaks, businesses can prevent disruptions, safeguard their workforce and clients, and maintain a safe and efficient environment.

Contact Big Rock Mountain today at 1-888-661-0091 to learn more about how the Yeti System can prepare your business for the challenges of winter weather in the east. By investing in this state-of-the-art snow removal solution, you can ensure that your operations remain smooth and safe, regardless of what winter throws your way.

The Yeti Snow Removal System by Big Rock offers a proactive and effective solution to winter weather challenges. With quick installation, financial flexibility, and comprehensive coverage, it is the ideal choice for businesses looking to enhance safety and operational efficiency during the harsh winter months. Don’t wait until the snow falls – take action now and equip your business with the Yeti System to tackle winter head-on.