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  • Spectrem 2 is a medium-modulus, one-part, high-performance, neutral-cure silicone sealant, ideal for a variety of perimeter caulking and glazing applications.
  • Spectrem 2 is suitable for both caulking and glazing applications, including cap beads, toe beads, heel beads and other typical air seals.
  • Appropriate as a weather seal and tensile bead in two-sided structural glazing systems and ideal for sealing joints within the curtain wall or window systems.
  • Spectrem 2 may be used as a weather seal for materials such as aluminum, glass, steel, painted metal, plastic, stone, concrete Ceramic and brick.
  • Spectrem 2 exhibits primerless adhesion to many common building materials.
  • All Structural Glazing Applications must be reviewed and approved by Tremco Technical Service prior to the application of Spectrem 2.
  • Tack free time 20 - 40 minutes
  • 300 ml cartridges
  • Clear finish, not paintable

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