FootGuardian for Pallet Jacks to the RESCUE!

Nathan Brimmer

Many of you may not be aware, but in my spare time I am President of my child's PTA. Now you're wondering what that has to do with FootGuardian for Pallet Jacks, now available here at Big Rock Mountain.

Super question. Here's the answer.

The PTA ordered a number of outdoor picnic tables so students could enjoy lunch outdoors during the warmer months. When they arrived, the transport company lowered the pallets carefully with liftgate, pallet jack ready pull off.

Smooth sailing so far.

Now we get to the side entrance of the school. Although apropos for a school setting, the transport operator was about to an unwelcomed physics lesson. As he attempted to bring the pallet over the transition threshold of the school doorway, the level of resistance was just enough for him to yank a little too hard and pull those pallet jack wheels right over the top of his foot. Ouch. I'm not saying that his foot looked like Barf's paw when Lonestar dropped the statue of Yogurt while trying to use the Schwartz during Mel Brooks' Spaceballs, but I'm sure it felt like it.

Perhaps this would have been prevented with some steel-toe boots. But wouldn't it be a better idea to make sure that the pallet jack being used isn't dependent on operator footwear? We think so, too.

That's where FootGuardian for Pallet Jacks comes into play. Such a beautiful, simple concept... saving operators' little toes, and saving companies left and right from unnecessary workers' comp claims. It's really a no-brainer.  The best part? It's most likely the only one you'll ever need to buy for the pallet jack. When the pallet jack's usable life is over, simply transfer the FootGuardian for Pallet Jacks over to your new pallet jack. See? Safety is simple and sweet.

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