AEC Ceramic high Alumina 89% Tiles are sold in  in cases of  40 and 60 pieces, AEC, by Tegula  High Alumina Tiles are designed for High sliding  abrasion wear areas wear areas. 6x6 x1/4 Tiles are in Cases of 30 pieces, the 3/8 thick and 1/2 Inch Thick are sold in cases of 25 and 20 respectivly. Please use Tremco Spectrem 2 Silicon for attaching to Subsurfaces. available on this site. 

 Working with Advanced Engineered Ceramics (AEC) a  division Tegula Tile. A  high-performance ceramics component manufacturer of choice. Based in New York State   developing both alumna type and silicon based tiles and other types of ceramics based systems.  

By working with AEC you are adding value to your engineered ceramic solutions making any project more dependable and affordable. They offer both standard and custom ceramic solutions.

For Extremely Abrasive areas that have some impact looks for AEC Silicon Carbide Tiles, available through this site. 

For anything that is none standard call us today and let us help you design what you need 1-888-661-0091

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