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In the blasting and mining industries, time is never on anyone’s side. The jobs are plentiful and need done as quickly as possible. Companies are looking for a quality blasting tubes that will deter the possibility of layers of fractured rock collapsing the hole. That’s where these Tubes fit in perfectly.

Our Big Rock Blast Hole Casings are the most durable products blasting and mining companies trust the most. Our blasting tubes come in two standard stock sizes but we also can do custom made to fit any size blasting hole. Companies who need a casing that will last for days in a hole, Call on Big Rock Mountain for their Blast Hole Casings. 

  • Water resistant, will not delaminate or unravel in wet conditions.

  • Made From HDPE,LDPE, PP and Polycarbonate REPRO/Recycled resins.

  • Quick turnaround time, guaranteed.

  • Standard lengths are 19.69 ft with 7.313 OD and 13 ft with 8,280 OD

  • Custom sizing can be made. Length and Diamatre

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