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Sentinel 1.0 KIT - Raised dumper alarm - Dump truck Accurate and reliable, Sentinel 1.0 helps the driver be more vigilant. The system warns the operator when it starts and that the dumper is raised.

INCLUDES: An alarm 80dB Del flashing red light. The LED will be installed in the cabin, visible to the driver. Coil limit switch Withstands abrasions, vibrations and oils.

Installation on the outer portion of the truck’s frame, at the junction of the cylinder and the frame. A junction box (relay & main harness) including a wire for the PTO signal, as well as another wire for the brake signal and the limit switch for the dumper.

Installation of the junction box in the hidden behind the cab dashboard. A limit switch harness resisting abrasions, vibrations and oils.

Installation between the Sentinel junction box and the limit switch. Option available for trailer (3-4-5 axles)

Full instructions about 2- 3 hours install time per unit. Made in Canada Ships Same day.

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