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This item is currently on backorder but you can still purchase it now and we'll ship as soon as more become available.
CoreSafe Little Nuggets  Core Trays lids -  are sold in minimum order price break of 100 Lids(1 Lid Per 8 Trays) and  Markers sold separately on our site. 

    As there are  various price's breaks on volumes  please contact us for a accurate reduced price quote on larger quantities;

    • No corners or sharp edges.
    • Gravity roller conveyor friendly flat bottom tray.
    • Tray stacks. put 1000 Lbs(5FT) 
    • Glide & lock stacking feature.
    • Handles on the sides and  ends.
    • Makes handling easy & improves stability during transport
    • Impact & strength tested
    • 10cm & 4" ruler marks
    • Unique markers for tray alignment and orthorectification
    • Core tray model number
    • Core access recesses.
    • Optional writable markers available in all sizes. 
    • label holder offers room for notes 
    • 8mm channel drain holes.
    • Tag Markers available.
    • Good to -35c
    • Security locking holes.
    • Strap & tie down guides.
    • Maximum UV Stabilized.
    • Made from Recycled material and they are recyclable and reusable.
    • Made in Canada 


    CoreSafe Little Nugget Tray

    6 rows

    80 per pallet


    CoreSafe Little Nugget Tray

    5 rows

    64 per pallet


    CoreSafe Little Nugget Half Width Tray

    2 rows

    96 per pallet

       3 Styles that cover all Climates. 

      Sonoran for warm  climates

      Boreal for cold climates.

      Arctic for very cold climates.

      Our little nugget  core trays are designed for working side by side – 3 trays per metre of workbench. Narrow channel dividers to keep the tray slim. Generous end handles. 

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