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Bauer Style Couplings

Bauer couplings are specialty ball and socket connections, designed primarily for use in irrigation, dewatering and other agricultural applications. This style of fitting is widely available in lightweight, durable galvanized steel in sizes ranging from 4” to 8”.

Cam and groove couplings and bolted flanges require perfect alignment for connection. By contrast, Bauer fittings can be coupled at offsets of up to 30 degrees depending on the diameter of the line. This benefit allows for easier installation and offers the end user greater flexibility when routing hoses and pipes.


Lever Lock Bauer Type Couplings

Bauer coupling sets are comprised of 4 components:

  • Ball
  • Socket
  • Locking lever
  • Sealing O-ring

With Bauer style couplings, the locking lever slides over the ball end of the set and latches to the lip of the socket. This set up is known as a Type B style attachment. A similar style coupling, named Type A or Agri-Lock, reverses this set up, utilizing a locking lever permanently attached to the socket that latches to a ring on the ball side of the set. SOLD as a Set - Male Female. Hose Clamps Sold Separately. 

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