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The NBS 360 ° panoramic camera system provides a true surround vision of driving with 1080P HD image.

Due to their size and length, some equipment has more than one blind spot. The 360 ° system covers all of these blind spots using a single system for safer driving. It is specially designed for trucks, buses, heavy vehicles and much more.

The system system provides clear rear, front and side view of your driving simultaneously. lt allows a synthesis of panoramic images; it corrects the distortion of the image to seamlessly assemble and restore a 3D scene in real time, The 360° vision displays the real driving scenario and allows you to obtain a real bird’s eye view around your vehicle

  • 1080P high-definition system
  • Includes 6 cameras and a 10.1 “monitor
  • Built-in Full HD video recorder
  • Recording time: 4 x32hrs
  • 4 SD cards of 128 Go for recording
  • Wi-fi 3G / 4G (option)
  • GPS tracking(option)
  • Warranty 1 year
  • Cable: 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m (option)
  • Requires mattress for calibration (not included)

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