Introducing NoSweat® Helmet Liners – the ultimate solution for combatting sweat and discomfort during intense activities like parades, field exercises for the US and Canadian Armed Services, hockey, horse jumping, Lacrosse and more. NoSweat® disposable moisture-wicking liners feature patented SweatLock™ Technology, swiftly absorbing sweat to keep your face and face shield clear and cool. Attach the liner inside your helmet and experience the difference firsthand. Stay focused on your performance with NoSweat® – ensuring sweat doesn't distract you during critical moments.

Used by the Canadian Military and trusted & Endorsed by Pro Athletes:

    • NHL Champion & Washington Capitals - TJ Oshie
    • PGA Tour of America's Champ - Matthew Anderson
    • Premier Lacrosse League & NCAA Champ - Myles Jones
    • NFL Superbowl Champion - Golden Tate 
    • Racecar Driver - Cody Krucker
    • MLB Champion - Dallas Keuchel & Matt Adams
    • and many more...


  • Instantly Absorbs/Wicks Sweat
  • Keeps Sweat Out of Your Eyes
  • Reduces Fogging In Glasses & Eyewear
  • Sweat Stain Prevention Keeps Hats Cleaner Longer
  • No Scent Technology Reduces Odor
  • Comfortable, Thin, Soft, & Lightweight
  • Hypoallergenic


This product is made in Minnesota, where it undergoes careful manufacturing processes. Its origin can be traced back to the state known for its quality craftsmanship.

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