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OKO Mining Xtra-Heavy Duty is an essential aid to operators of vehicles that suffer the very harshest off-road terrain.

Fitting tires with solid polyurethane fill is one solution but it carries a heavy weight penalty, is very expensive and adversely affects the ride, as well as placing a strain on axles.

In most cases, extra heavy-duty OKO Mining can work as well as solid fill, at a fraction of the cost and with a minimal weight penalty. It seals holes of more than 20mm in diameter in tubeless tyres. That is why it is the natural choice for mines, quarries, waste management plants and rough construction sites.

Norilsk Nickel, the world’s biggest nickel mining group and one of the biggest all-round mining corporations, has tested and officially approved OKO Mining for use in its vehicles after extensive summer and winter testing (down to -52 degrees C).

In underground Chilean mines, tyres that normally last only 5 months had their life extended to 7 months by the use of OKO Mining. This is due to its beneficial effects upon tyre porosity, tyre cooling and conditioning of the rubber.

Britain’s biggest housebuilder specifies only OKO Mining, for use on all its construction sites, following a competitive assessment of other tyre sealants.

A Canadian forestry truck operating on harsh trails, fitted with tyre temperature sensors, recorded an 11.5% average reduction in temperatures on its OKO-fitted tyres compared to matched non-OKO tyres. Heat is the greatest cause of premature tyre wear.

OKO Mining is primarily designed for use off the highway. It can be used on road for slow-moving on/off-road trucks and service vehicles and is often used in countries with bad road surfaces

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