Big Rock Technologies Elevates Security Standards with Cutting-Edge Surveillance Systems

Nathan Brimmer

In an era where security is paramount, Big Rock Mountain's design team Big Rock Technologies has emerged as a beacon of innovation, providing high-end surveillance systems that redefine safety and compliance standards. Specializing in advanced intrusion detection and safety compliance solutions, Big Rock Technologies is revolutionizing the landscape of security infrastructure.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Big Rock Technologies leverages state-of-the-art technology to develop surveillance systems that not only detect threats but also ensure adherence to stringent safety regulations. Through meticulous research and development, the company has crafted a suite of solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern enterprises.

At the heart of Big Rock Technologies's offerings is its advanced intrusion detection system. Designed to safeguard premises against unauthorized access and potential threats, this system employs cutting-edge sensors and AI algorithms to provide real-time monitoring and proactive threat mitigation. Whether it's a breach attempt or suspicious activity, the intrusion detection system acts as a vigilant guardian, alerting security personnel and enabling swift response measures.

Moreover, Big Rock Technologies goes beyond conventional security measures by integrating safety compliance features into its surveillance systems. Recognizing the importance of regulatory adherence in high-risk environments, the company ensures that its solutions facilitate seamless compliance with industry standards and guidelines. From video analytics that track adherence to safety protocols to comprehensive audit trails for regulatory reporting, Big Rock Technologies's surveillance systems empower organizations to maintain a secure and compliant operational environment.

One of the key strengths of Big Rock Technologies lies in its holistic approach to security. By combining advanced surveillance technology with expert consulting services, the company offers comprehensive security solutions tailored to each client's unique requirements. Whether it's a small-scale facility or a sprawling industrial complex, Big Rock Technologies works closely with clients to assess their security needs, design customized solutions, and implement robust surveillance infrastructure.

In addition to its commitment to technological excellence, Big Rock Technologies prioritizes reliability and scalability in its surveillance systems. Built to withstand the rigors of demanding environments, these systems are engineered for long-term performance and seamless scalability, ensuring that they can adapt to evolving security challenges and organizational needs.

As businesses worldwide grapple with increasingly sophisticated security threats and regulatory pressures, the role of advanced surveillance systems in safeguarding assets and ensuring compliance has never been more critical. Big Rock Technologies stands at the forefront of this paradigm shift, empowering organizations to fortify their defenses and elevate their security posture with innovative solutions that redefine the boundaries of safety and compliance.

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RKB Bearings Continue to Lead the Industry

Nathan Brimmer

Introduction to RKB Bearing Industries Group

Established in 1936, the RKB Bearing Industries Group stands tall as a stalwart in Europe's bearing manufacturing sector. Over the decades, RKB has honed its craft, now boasting an impressive monthly production capacity exceeding 350 tons of meticulously machined steel. Such robust production capabilities are indicative of RKB's unwavering commitment to excellence.

With a rich reservoir of experience, RKB leverages its expertise to craft industrial bearings of unparalleled quality, boasting outer diameters reaching up to an impressive 1925 mm. This mastery over precision engineering has solidified RKB's position as a leading player in the global bearings market.

What sets RKB apart is not merely its manufacturing prowess but also its steadfast dedication to customer satisfaction. RKB's ethos revolves around delivering reliable and cost-effective solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of its clientele. This commitment is evident through a myriad of avenues, including the integration of cutting-edge technology, operational flexibility, and a seamless service experience.

Moreover, RKB takes pride in its extensive stock availability and short delivery times, ensuring that customers receive their orders promptly, no matter where they are located. The company's global footprint is further bolstered by a vast distribution network spanning over 50 countries, facilitating easy access to its premium class bearings worldwide.

Revered as "The Alternative Power" in the bearing industry, RKB is synonymous with unmatched quality and performance. This reputation is not merely earned but meticulously maintained through rigorous quality control measures and a relentless pursuit of innovation.

Furthermore, RKB recognizes the importance of accessibility, offering customers the convenience of sourcing specific bearings that may not be readily available in their inventory. A simple inquiry is all it takes for RKB to mobilize its resources and procure the desired product, ensuring that customer needs are met comprehensively.

For customers in North America, finding RKB Bearings is a breeze with Big Rock Mountain. Offering same-day shipping on most products across the US and Canada, Big Rock Mountain serves as the gateway to RKB's premium offerings, further enhancing accessibility and convenience for customers across the continent.

In essence, RKB Bearing Industries Group stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of industrial bearings, driven by a relentless pursuit of quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. With RKB, precision meets performance, setting new benchmarks in the ever-evolving landscape of bearing manufacturing.

Check out Big Rock Mountain's complete RKB Bearings line on sale here.

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Maximizing Efficiency and Safety in Diamond Drill Coring with Big Rock Mountain

Nathan Brimmer

Introducing the Little Klondike Core Box System by Big Rock Mountain 

Introduction: Diamond drill core remains indispensable in mining, providing invaluable insights and opportunities for discovery. However, conventional core handling methods often pose safety risks and hinder efficiency. Through the integration of sustainable practices and optimized workflows, mining enterprises can extract maximum value from core samples while fostering a safer workplace environment.

Addressing Occupational Safety Concerns: Safety is paramount in mining operations. Core handling carries inherent risks, from physical strain to exposure to hazardous materials. Our innovative solutions, including ribbed channels for stability, impact-tested materials with rounded edges to mitigate injuries, and ergonomic handles for ease of use, effectively tackle these safety challenges head-on.

Enhanced Workflow Efficiency with the CoreSafe Little Klondike: Efficiency is the cornerstone of successful mining operations. Our flat-bottom trays, compatible with roller conveyors in multiple orientations, revolutionize core handling. The slide-and-stack feature ensures stability and simplifies sample management, optimizing workflow efficiency.

Commitment to Sustainability: In an era of heightened environmental awareness, sustainability is non-negotiable. Our recyclable trays and secure, reusable lids are crafted with a focus on reducing ecological footprint. By embracing sustainable materials and practices, mining companies can contribute to a greener future while maximizing core sample value.

Conclusion: Diamond drill core represents a pivotal asset for mining advancement. By prioritizing safety, efficiency, and sustainability in core handling, companies can unlock its full potential while fostering a safer, eco-conscious workplace. Incorporating innovative features like ribbed channels and slide-and-stack capability streamlines workflows, enhancing operational effectiveness. With the Little Klondike, a Canadian-made product engineered to endure diverse environmental conditions, mining enterprises can ensure the long-term safety and security of their core samples, paving the way for a sustainable future in the industry.

Check out more details and pricing on the Little Klondike CoreSafe Core Boxes here.

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Bearings - Proper Care & Pinpointing Failure

Nate Brim

A little effort goes a long way, and that's just as true for bearings inspection and maintenance as it is for anything else worth doing. Here are a couple of notes to keep in mind when you're reviewing the wear on your bearings, as well as simple storage reminders.

The following content has been selected from Big Rock Mountain partner SKF:

Rolling bearing defect frequency analysis

Every bearing generates a low frequency signal. Every time a bearing defect is over-rolled, a high frequency signal is generated, which causes a peak in the amplitude of the signal. The rate of these peaks is a function of speed as well as the position of the defect on the bearing and the internal geometry of the bearing.

To monitor the condition of a bearing, a technique called enveloped acceleration or enveloping is used. Enveloping isolates the high frequency signal generated by the defect from other naturally occurring rotational or structural frequencies in the machine. In cases where it is difficult or time consuming to gain access to the bearings for inspection, an Endoscope can be a valuable tool. An endoscope, available on Big Rock Mountain soon in the field, is a good tool. It should have a small diameter insertion tube, an LCD display and a picture recording function.


Storage time is the period that a bearing can remain in storage in order to avoid adverse effects on operational performance of the bearing. Bearings are coated with a high-quality preservative oil to protect them from corrosion. Long storage times can be attained by storing bearings in their original, unopened and undamaged, packaging. The storage time of bearings also depends on their storage environment conditions. To maintain the potential operating performance of a bearing, it is recommended that  a "first in, first out" inventory policy be developed.

Storage time for open bearings

Typical storage times for open (unsealed) and not lubricated bearings are listed in table 1:

table 1 - Storage time for open (unsealed) and not lubricated bearings


Storage environment conditions

Storage time

Relative air humidity

Ambient temperature






20 to 25

70 to 75



20 to 25

70 to 75



35 to 40

95 to 105


Uncontrolled tropical conditions1)



Storage time for capped bearings

Capped bearings (bearings with seals or shields) should be stored for a maximum of three years to avoid deterioration of their grease fill.

Additional storage-related factors

To avoid deterioration of your bearings while in storage, consider these factors:

  • Store indoors, in a frost- and condensation-free environment, at a maximum ambient temperature of 40 °C (105 °F), avoiding air flow.
  • Store in vibration-free conditions. Vibration can cause damage to raceways.
  • Store horizontally, preferably, to avoid damage that could be caused by the bearing falling over.
  • Do not open or damage the original packaging.

If you're unsure about whether or not your bearings merely require cleaning and relubrication, if they're misaligned or damaged and in need of replacement, you can always contact our team at at your convenience. 

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Big Rock Mountain's line of lubricants and cleaning products to service bearings can be found here.


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